Psaromoura beach that means (face of a fish) is located about 500 meters away from the main beach of Agia Pelagia. It is much smaller than the main beach but it quieter and more peaceful. There Is no sand, but some pebbles and rocks so be advised to were some kind of shoes. because its quite and isolated from restaurants and other noisy businesses it is a preferred destination for the weekend by the locals.

There are Umbrella and sun beds available on the beach for 2 Euro.To get here, you would need togo up the road at the left of the large Hotel Capsis until your see a supermarket called “STAR” and then turn right and follow the road till the end, if you get lost to hesitate to ask for further directions by a local, they usually are very friendly. Parking is also available.\n\nPsaromoura Beach is non for its lay back atmosphere people consider it as a serene place to relax in. The only shop you can find an the beach is a small mini market that sells sodas, ice creams and snacks. Click on photos below to zoom in.

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Sea Water Color

Blue , Green

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Sea Surface

Usually Calm


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